e-mail: leliarus@yahoo.com
Date of birth:    10.04.1978


2003 - 2010   Doctoral Studies (PhD) in Visual Arts. Title of the doctoral thesis: "The female form between theoretical premises and personal solutions"

2004 - 2007   Postgraduate course: "Fundamentals of restoration and preservation", organized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture. Graduated in 2007, with the specialization in archaeological restoration of ceramics

2002 - 2003   Postgraduate course in psycho-pedagogy, at the National Academy of Arts in Bucharest

2002 - 2003    Master Degree. Title of the dissertation: "No man’s land". Dissertation supervising Professors: Paul Vasilescu,Aurel Vlad

1997 - 2002   National Academy of Arts in Bucharest, Faculty of Visual Arts, sculpture section, Professor Vasile Gorduz

1995   Summer school  at the College for Visual Arts in Bielefeld - Germany

1993 - 1997  High School of Arts in Constanta, sculpture section
Work experience

2013 - Present, Department Coordinator, Constanta Art Museum
         curator for several exhibitions of Contemporary Art

2010 - Present, Senior Lecturer.  Phd. - Faculty of Arts
         "Ovidius" University of Constanta

2017  Erasmus Internship at the University Politecnico de Lisboa, 
          Escola Superior de Educacao Lisboa 

2014  Erasmus Internship at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
         "Negative Relief, Techniques and Representation" through LLP Erasmus

2013  Erasmus Internship at University of Nevşehir - Turkey
         "The Tree of Life - Between Tradition and Modernity"
2004 -2013 Professor of statuary sculpture,  College of Arts "Queen Mary" Constanta
2004 -2006 Restoration Expert - Heritage Department, Archdiocese of Tomis

2002 -2004 Visual Arts Teacher, School No. 193, College "Petru Maior", Bucharest

Solo exhibitions

2017, Sulmona, Italy, Novas Formas, together with Monticeli & Pagone

2016, Constanta, Feminin Landscape, Constanta Art Museum

2016, Tulcea,  Feminin landscape, Tulcea Art Museum

2014, Bucharest, Desen, ”Friedrich Schiller”, German House of  Culture
2013, Bucharest, Desen, Solo exhibition

2010, Constanta, “Genul: Feminin”, Solo exhibition

2007, Bucharest, “3 Kannon” (Symbols) together with Marieta Besu and Ludmila Grajdean Ionescu, Occident Gallery

2004, Constanta, “The female form - always beautiful and for itself” with illustrator Marieta Besu, Museum of Art

Group exhibitions

 2017, Circolo d'Arte e Culture "Il Quadrivio" di Sulmona, Italy

 2017, Constanta Casino, World Festival of Arts and
 Interculturality  "Ovidius" 

 2017, Elements of Nature in Ovidius poetry, Trakya University, Edirne,Turkey,    participant and organizer

 2017, Elements of Nature in Ovidius' poetry, Ovidius University campus, Corp A,
   participant and organizer

 2017, European Bridges, Senso Gallery, Bucharest; Constanta Art Museum 
 George  Apostu Cultural Center, Bacau

 2017, The Road of Exile - Bimilenar  Ovidius, Graphic Exhibition, Italy - Sulmona

 2017, The Exile Road - Bimilenar  Ovidius , Romanian 
Cultural  Institut, Rome
 2017, The Exile Road - Bimilenar Publius Ovidius Naso Brindisi

 2017, The Road of Exile - Bimilenar Publius Ovidius Naso Greece - Corinth

 2017, The Road of Exile - Bimilenar Publius Ovidius Naso Bulgaria -Nessebar

 2017, The Road of Exile - Bimilenar Publius Ovidius Naso, Balchik

 2016, Ex Libris Constantin Brâncuşi Travel Exhibition, Edirne - Turkey

 2016, Ex Libris Constantin Brâncuşi traveling exhibition, Thessaloniki - Greece

 2016, Fluides, Romanian-French drawing exhibition, Romanian Cultural
Institute - Paris

 2016, The Queen's Gardens, 60th Anniversary Exhibition from  the National  College
 of Arts "Regina Maria" Constanta

2016, Dobrogean plastic prints, Culture House of the German minority in
Bucharest "Friedrich Schiller"

2016, Ex Libris Constantin Brancusi Exhibition, Edirne - Turkey,Thessaloniki - Greece

2015, Group Exhibition, CERONAV, Constanta

2015, Intercultural Exhibition, Sandvika - Norway, Constanta Art Museum

2015, European Bridges, Senso Gallery, Bucharest; Constanta Art Museum

2014, Balchik, Queen Maria Castle, "Contemporary Painters in Balchik", in collaboration with the Cotroceni National Museum

2014, Constanta Art Museum, "European Bridges" and "Ape", in collaboration with UNA Bucharest

2013, University of Shumen Gallery, "Contemporary art practices", Shumen, Bulgary

2013, European exhibition project "Danube Spirit in Port Communities", Constanta, Calarasi, Ruse- Bulgary

2013 "Insights into the Dobrogea landscape" Constanta  Museum of Art

2013 Art Show "Back to Bases", House of Parliament , Bucharest

2012, Art Boutique Gallery, "Heraldica Luminii", Constanta

2012, "The Holocaust.  Interrupted
Destinys" - George Apostu Cultural Center, Bacau

2011, ”The Light River”, crossborder project with bulgarian artists and ”Ovidius University”

2011, ”Contemporary Balcik”, Museum of Art,Constanta

2011, ”Per Art”, International Art Festival, ”Art Boutique”-Tomis Mall

2011, Bucharest, ”Interferenţe Dobrogene”, House of Parliament

2010, Constanta, “Saloanele Dobrogei”, Museum of Art

2010, Constanta, “Expozitia Atelier 35”, Museum of Art

2009, Constanta, “Winter Salon”, Museum of Art

2009, Constanta, National Art Salon, “Contemporary Attitudes”, Museum of Art, traveling exhibition

2009, Bacau, “Ateleir 35”, Gallery “Alfa”

2009, Constanta, “Scale of flowers”, Museum of Art

2009, Constanta, charitable exhibition “Rotary”, Museum of Art

2009, Constanta, religious art exhibition, “Ion Jalea” Museum of Art

2008, Constanta, “Together for Adi Cornel”, charitable exhibition, Palace Art Gallery

2008, Winter Salon, Museum of Art, Constanta

2007, Constanta, UAP Winter Salon - Museum of Art

2007, Constanta, “ Days of Constanta”, Museum of Art

2007, Constanta, “Atelier 35”;, Museum of Art

2007, Mamaia, “Vibration-colored plastic and Volume”; Mamaia Gallery

2007,Constanta-Sulmona, Rome (Italy)- Festival of Contemporary Art and Culture “Ovidius” traveling exhibition

2007, Constanta, UAP Winter Salon, Museum of Art

2006, Constanta, UAP Summer Salon

2006, Aiud, “International Biennial of small graphics”

2006, Aiud internaţionlă mail-art exhibition, titled “ The Nude”

2006, Bucharest, “Roll-Up Art”; at the festival “I love Bucharest”

2004, Constanta, exhibit “Staircase with flowers”, Museum of Art

2003, Bucharest, “The reception of young sculptors in UAP”, Orizont Gallery

2003, Bucharest, “Accents and Prints”, Gallery Galatea

2003, Bucharest, “Small Sculpture Salon”, Orizont Gallery

2003, Bucharest, “Grup exhibiton”

2003 Apollo Gallery, Bucharest , TNB, floor 3 / 4

2002, Bucharest, Czech Cultural Center, “Kafka and other stories ...” 

2002, Bucharest, Salon d’Automne, Apollo Gallery

2001, Bucharest, “Accents and Prints”, Simeza Gallery

2001, Bucharest, “ Small Sculpture Salon”, Simeza Gallery

1998, 2000, Constanta - Museum of Art, Group Exhibitions

1999, Constanta, Rotary Club, Jalea Museum

Art Camps

2017, Eforie Nord, International Artist Women's Camp "European Bridges" 15th edition

2015, Eforie Nord, International Women's  Camp "European Bridges" XIII edition

2014, Eforie Nord, International Women's  Camp "European Bridges", XIIth edition

2014, Balchik, Bulgaria, National Symposium of Painting and Graphics

2013, Ostrov, International Art Camp, European  "Danube Spirit in Port Communities" 

2013, Balchik, Bulgaria, International Painting and Graphic Camp

2011, 2012, the organizer for students sculpture camp in Dervent Monastery

2011, Balcik, Bulgaria, international painting camp

2010, Borsec, painting camp, organised by “Eli Wiesel Institute, Bucharest”

2001, Hunedoara , sculpture camp

2001, Illes of Porqerolles – France, Restoration Camp

1999, 2000, - Techirghiol, Rotary Club, Sculpture Camp

1998, Şurdeşti, Sculpture Camp


2017   Special Prize of the Jury at 44° Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea Sulmona, Italy

2016   Excellence Award - Ceramic Section, at the Art Constent "Dr. C. Teodorescu " Birlad, Romania

2016  Excellence Award for the Symposium Ex Libris Constantin Brancusi

2010   First Prize for Constanta at ,”Saloanele Dobrogei” - national exhibition

2006  Third Prize for “Ex Libris”, Bacau - Centenary “George Apostu” Contest International Ex-Libris, the nineteenth edition, “Sturdza” Library


"In the effervescent and diversified offer of Romanian contemporary arts in the last past years, young visual artists, graduates of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, have legitimately won their recognition. Among them, Lelia Rus has imposed herself even since her school years as a distinct voice, with a unique, yet convincing discourse. She has affirmed her aesthetic beliefs through a series of sculptural compositions that brought her a remarkable success at the end of her study. With regard to the form, it can be stated that by means of laborious and carefully orchestrated themes of visual art research, she managed to bring together in polyvalent structures the charming attributes of modelling, of stencil work, but also of materiality obtained by means of burning. On the other hand, with regard to her aesthetic option, one can ascertain a responsible orientation towards the seduction of the female form in sculpture with explicit or connotative aspects, an orientation that exhibits an evident maturity in dealing with them.

"Univ. Prof. Dr. Mihail Manescu
Dean of the Faculty of Visual Arts
National University of Arts - Bucharest

"….Finally, the third level of investigation uses either the face, or the body of the woman, or even only parts of it, such as hands, thighs, breasts, belly, as basis for symbolic constructs. A three-dimensional approach shows that the woman - gate equivalence in the work of Lelia Pîrvan – Rus does not avoid the expressivity of concrete forms, by means of distinction, individuation, isolation, combination and sometimes repetition, making a strong impression upon the viewer, offering him initiation and poetry at the same time."
Doina Păuleanu, "Disecţii tandre", in the periodical publication Tomis - July 2004

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